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Baby Ear Flap Hats

Baby Ear Flap Hats

Need to keep your little one warm this winter? Order an Ear Flap Hat today! 
These hats are completely customizable. Guess what? You can now get a matching hat for your little one's doll!

- Color -
Choose from Solid, Multi-Colored or Stripped. The possibilites are endless!

- Top -
Choose from a Long Tail, Short "Nubbin", Pompom or Nothing At All!

- Size -
The standard size will fit babies 3 months to 18 months. Of course the fit will depend on your child. Since the hats are completely customized, order yours in any size you need!

- Ear Flaps -
Sure, you could have the hat made without the flaps, but they are so stinkin' cute, how can you resist? 

- Cost -
I almost forgot this important tidbit. How much will this custom hat set ya back? 
$15.00, plus shipping.

Check out the photos below for examples of the different styles.
Ready to order? Fill out the order form (also known as the contact page. High tech, huh?) and your hat will be to you in no time!
Have questions about payment or shipping? Check out this page!

Some hats get shipped before I have a chance to take a photo of them (I get a little too excited). Check out the Wall of Fame for more looks (not to mention to see how cute they look on the babies!)